Our brain processes sound in a unique manner. 
Today we view hearing differently, it is not just how the ear receives sounds, but how our brains interpret them. What we hear is shaped by our experiences, lifestyle, and physical and psychological make-up. That is why two people can hear the exact same words, but interpret the message differently.  The individuality of each person’s hearing profile is taken into account when designing the hearing solution to remediate your hearing loss. If personal preferences are not considered, many hearing aid fittings will lead to an unsatisfactory result. Basic hearing instruments have few adjustments that are based on an audiogram (hearing test). These types of hearing aids can only go so far. They typically amplify sound indiscriminately without regard to whether it is speech or noise.  Speech may sound “tinny” or mechanical at times, and you may have trouble distinguishing speech from background noise or locating the source of sound in a room.  Oticon's Alta Pro 2 hearing instrument overcomes many of these limitations.  No one design of hearing aid can possibly be a good match for all hearing problems, but taking into consideration more than just your basic hearing test and incorporating this information into the fitting algorithm will lead to better hearing improvement. Oticon Alta 2 Pro offers the utmost in hearing help for hearing speech clearly in varied listening environments.  Alta Pro 2 is Oticon’s most advanced hearing instrument.  Oticon's Alta 2 Pro personalizes the fitting by taking into account your own hearing preferences and life style for amazing clarity of sound.Alta’s processor is more powerful and more adjustable than anything Oticon has ever engineered.  It has an advanced wireless signal processing system which supports features that guard speech sounds, help you focus your hearing, orient you in a room, and help your brain to support your hearing.  With Alta Pro 2, your personal hearing preferences are actually used by the sound-processing chip that’s at the heart of every Alta hearing solution. Since Alta is customized exclusively for your specific needs incorporating your audiogram, life style and personal characteristics, you’ll be able to differentiate sounds and hear more.

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Oticon Dynamo is Oticon's latest offering for severe to profound hearing losses!

We have been waiting for a new high power hearing aid that offers the Oticon's proven BrainHearing technologies to people with severe to profound hearing loss, and now, it is here!  The Oticon Dynamo is the new hearing aid designed for severe and profound hearing loss patients.  Dynamo is built on the powerful Inium Sense platform used in the Alta 2 Pro hearing aids.  The Dynamo provides the listener with a rich soundscape which gives more access to speech details than ever before available for severe losses.  This technology provides a more complete picture for the brain to decode for improved speech understanding.

The Dynamo family features include:

  • Innovative frequency lowering technology
  • Super power gain and output without feedback
  • Personalization options
  • 139 dB SPL max output
  • 78 dB of full-on gain 
  • Fitting range of up to 110 dB.
Oticon aids deliver better hearing with less effort by supporting how the brain makes sense of sound.  Hearing is a cognitive process!

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Connect Line Devices and App

Connect line devices let you wirelessly connect to blue tooth devices.  With Connect Line and Oticon wireless hearing aids you can easily and conveniently use your hearing aids as a personal wireless headset.  Oticon Connect Line products include the Streamer Pro, TV connect for wireless connection to your TV and the companion microphone.  All of these devices can be controlled with your smart phone using the Connect Line App for even greater ease and flexibility.   The Connect Line App is available in the APP Store.