Taking the step to purchase hearing aids is often a big step for many people.  To ease into the decision Tennessee Valley Audiology has a demo hearing aid program.  With this program we have hearing aids from most major manufacturers which can be fit on a demonstration basis allowing patients to "test drive" hearing aids.  The hearing aids are selected for demonstration based on a person's hearing test and their specific needs.  All of the demo hearing aids are of the receiver in the ear type.  After the demonstration fitting, you and the audiologist will select the best type and style of hearing aids for your hearing loss and concerns.

We currently have the following demonstration hearing aids:

Phonak Audeo V90, Naida C90 RIC, Audeo S Smart IX, Phonak Naida; Oticon Alta 2 Pro, Nera 2 Pro and Agil Pro; Widex Dream Fusion and Clear Fusion; GN Resound Alera 9; and Unitron Passport.

In addition we have wireless peripherals for many of these aids which can also be tried in the office to see what they can offer.  These devices give improved hearing of TV, cell phones, and land line phones.  Several of the hearing aid models can use remote controls for increased flexibility to enhance your hearing.


Why not get started today.  Call (865) 688-8700 and schedule an appointment.