Intelligent, Unrivaled, Wireless

ReSound Verso instruments are unique because they continuously work together to analyze the environment, adjusting gain and managing background noise, providing the patient with the most effortless listening experience possible. ReSound Verso’s directional microphone steering strategy empowers the patient to hear every sound, while allowing them to focus their attention on the sounds and speech they want to listen to. Plus ReSound Verso identifies and differentiates feedback from other sounds, preventing patients from experiencing feedback, delivering consistent volume and all the subtle nuances of rich sound. ReSound Verso helps patients’ listening experiences become more rich, natural and robust.

• Outstanding approach to reducing background noise in noisy environments like restaurants

• Reduces the chance of whistling and feedback but still delivers deep, rich sound

• Preserves the sound quality of music, so that it sounds richer, fuller and more natural

• Easy to use because the instruments work together to adjust and optimize the settings for

different listening environments

• Listening to TV, mobile phone or a companion is easy using accessories that transmit

sound directly to ReSound Verso hearing instruments

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